Fine Cutlery Forged from Minerals

Our unique brand ZIKICO specializes in products made of a material called zirconia.

Zirconia is as hard as a gem, as supple as metal, and like porcelain, completely non-allergenic.

These characteristics make it the ideal material for cutlery that is both chic and easy to use.

For those who have metal allergies or sensitivities to the metallic taste of conventional silverware, you may have already tried wooden or porcelain spoons and found them to be difficult to maintain and use. 

Our hand-made dining utensils are the perfect solution for those looking for the best alternative.



KIYO is a collection of dessert utensils made entirely of zirconia.  This series was designed to enhance enjoyment of delicate dishes such as traditional Japanese sweets.

Thick wooden spoons or cocktail forks are not ideal for full appreciation of the delicate presentation of these exquisite treats. 


Conversely, KIYO is made to be precisely 0.8 mm at its thinnest, preserving the presentation of any elegant dish.


Additionally, zirconia provides a pleasant texture in the mouth without imparting a metallic taste.


The matte texture of the zirconia is evocative of stone, bringing elegance and richness to the dining table.  It also fits a traditional Japanese setting perfectly.


The name TEMO is derived from the Japanese words for “hand” and "holding".  It also happens to be the first syllables of "Tetragonal" and "Monoclinic,” which describe the crystal structures in zirconia.

TEMO is a 2-in-1 zirconia measuring spoon comprised of a tablespoon (15 ml) on one side, and a teaspoon (5 ml) on the other. 


Its unique design makes it possible to measure liquid while placed on a flat surface, and its shape also allows you to scoop up anything remaining in the corners of containers.


Since it is made of zirconia (a type of porcelain), it can be left stored with salt, sugar, etc. without getting damaged.  It will not rust or cause micro-plastic contamination of your food.



SUMU in Japanese has the meanings of both “live” and “clear,” illustrating the longevity and purity of the product.

SUMU is a collection of zirconia cutlery that is about 50% lighter than conventional dining utensils.

The smooth finish, thin shape, and the pleasant texture of zirconia will allow you to focus your attention on all of the subtle flavors of the cuisine.

SUMU will let you get the most out of your dining experience for many years.

Designer/Oji & Design  Masanori Oji