Purity utensils born from minerals

’ZIKICO’ is a product brand specialized for Zirconia.

Our daily utensils are suitable also for who does not like metal ware.

For a metallic allergy or to rid any metallic taste, using the wooden or ceramic spoon is common, but not convenient. Looking for handy like steel ware but stylish one?

Characteristics of Zirconia are as hard as a jewel, as flexible as metals and Non-allergic like bone china.

They are utensils to eliminate redundancy and to live in a purity.


’SUMU’ was named after “clear” and “live”.This is a product series that aims to live a long-lasting life in the house with tools that are clear and clean.

SUMU is a cutlery series made of zirconia.

SUMU cutleries are 50% lighter than conventional metallic cutleries.
They don’t interfere with the flavours of dishes as absolutely no metallic ions are released.

Consequently, they never become the cause of metallic allergies.

You can focus on your sense of taste as the thin, silky finish of the zirconia tip
makes it easy to take hold of the food with exceptionally smooth feeling in and out of the mouth.
The matte zirconia cutleries softly reflecting atmospheric lighting shall bring
serenity to the dining scene.


Zirconia measuring spoon.

A measuring spoon made of zirconia with 15 ml on front side and 5ml on the back side. Easy to Scoop the powder ant the corner of a canister even the remaining is low. Even when put on a table, liquid can be poured and measured.

You can leave it in a canister containing salt or sugar since it’s made of zirconia, a type of ceramic.

The name of "TEMO" stands for Japanese words "Te ni Motsu (on hand)" , "Temoto (at hand)" and the combination of the crystals "Tetragonal" and "Monoclinic" which structure Zirconia's material property. It does not rust like metal nor causes microplastic pollution.

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"Purity utensils born from minerals"

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