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Zirconia Ice Cream Spoon, that scoops a hard frozen ice cream without melting, and Zirconia Parfait Spoon for the savoring true flavor.


Zirconia made
Ice Cream Spoon
Parfait Spoon

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0.6mm thickness tip!
for scooping hard frozen Ice Cream!
The flavor spread on your palate​, as it has no metallic odor!

Ice Cream Spoon

The aluminum made ice cream spoon is common in Japan, that melts the ice cream by using the heat of fingers. Its problem is that it gets too cold to hold.

With our spoon, you don't have that problem since it does not need to melt. It scoops by shaving the frozen ice cream with the 0.06 mm thin tip and it does not get cold since the thermal conductivity of Zirconia is low.

Parfait Spoon

The metallic odor from the metal spoon easily hides the fine flavor of fruits. By using the zirconia made parfait spoon instead, your heart is filled with fruity flavor.

Why Ice Cream becomes hard?

Why the ice cream gets hard?

The Ingrediens of ice cream are milk, cream, egg yolk, sugar, your favorite flavor and the air! Ice cream machines freeze them while mixing them, so that they get creamy. The secret of the softness of ice cream is the air mixed with other ingredients!

In contrary, the ice cream gets hard when it loses the air in the bad storage condition by melting and refreezing without mixing.

If you use the common Japanese aluminum ice cream spoon, that scoops the ice cream by melting with the heat from your hand, what you eat is not ice cream any more, as it's not frozen any more. It's just a sugar content mixture. So, the ice cream must be scooped without melting!


Soft Ice Cream

Hard Ice Cream

Why Zirconia?

For the soft ice cream use the Parfait Spoon elegantly

and for the hard frozen ice cream use the Ice Cream Spoon casually for enjoying the fruitsfull flavor!

The most of spoons are made of stainless steel or of Silver. Both materials are categorized to the transition elements in scientific terms, which can be in various ionized status. This causes an oxidizing phenomena and  decomposes lipids to the metallic odor gas. That is the metallic small, instead of metals themselves, which actually have no smell ※1.

You can enjoy the true flavor of sweets without annoyed by metallic odor if you use the zirconia spoon, which is non-metal.


​The figure above shows,  that more the iron ion on the skin is more the decomposed lipid gas is.

​※1:2006、Dr.Dietmar Glindemann、Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University、"The Two Odors of Iron when Touched or Pickled: (Skin) Carbonyl Compounds and Organophosphines"

​Website of Dr.Glindemann:

Why Zirconia?
Design Research


Ice Cream Spoon

It's for the hard frozen ice cream. The 0.6 mm thickness tip scoops the ice cream by shaving, so that you can eat it while it's frozen. This thickness is realized by the hardness of zirconia. 

The problem was the stiffness. Even though the zirconia is a stiff material, there was a possibility that it broke while it was shaving the hard frozen ice cream, if the stem is thin like any usual spoon. Therefore,

we designed the stem wider.

The conventional aluminum ice cream spoon enables to scoop the ice cream by melting it using the heat of fingers. But it's not the ice cream any more if it's not the ice any more. And the melt temperature 0 degree Celsius is too cold for our fingers, and it changes the eating experience to a pain.

In contrary, the zirconia spoon ​does not transfer the coldness to fingers, as the heat conductivity is much lower than metals. You can concentrate on the flavor.


Parfait Spoon

We designed it for the ice cream in a cup served with fruits as the "Parfait".  As the parfait glass is tall, our parfait spoon is long and it can be used as a muddler too. Also you can stick fruits or olives in the bottom of the glass, since the tip thickness is 0.7 mm, which is thinner than any usual metal spoons, which is usually 1.2 to 1.4 mm thickness.


On the other hand, please do not use it for the hard frozen ice cream, because it's thin and long. It can break in case of overload, as the destruction mode of zirconia is "Crack".

Company Story

About Us

The soup stock was more flavorful from the plate directly than using any spoons. So I noticed, the metallic odor of the spoon covers the flavor. The metallic odor is the decomposed lipids by oxidizing reaction of metal. However any wooden or ceramic spoons are not for eating and too brittle. Then we decided to produce it with the zirconia ceramic, which is more durable than the metals.

The zirconia processing technology was a combination of the technology of plastics, which was a mass production technology and the ceramic art. But there was an issue, that the plastic processing technology built wrinkles on the surface of products. Therefore we challenged this issue by treating everything as the industrial art. We solved it by taking only one part from one mold, instead of taking multiple parts and by investing longer time for each process to control the material flow in the mold. The ejection of the part is done by hand one by one unlike an usual process to eliminate scratches. We also developed special setters for sintering process after trials to improve the bigger deformation than traditional ceramic art.

Our goal is people to enjoy the real taste of cuisine by zirconia cutleries.

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