"Purity utensils born from minerals"

ZIKICO is a product brand specialized in a material called "Zirconia" which has three characteristics.
Zirconia is derived from minerals; its hardness is next to diamond and ruby.
Zirconia is composed of two different kinds of crystals.

One features durability, and the other flexibility like metals. It pliantly changes its shape by external forces.
Zirconia is ceramics sintered at a high temperature of approximately 1,400 °C.

Being similar to bone china, there is no dissolution of metal ions at all.
Consequently, it does not cause any allergy.
As hard as a jewel. As flexible as metals. Non-allergic like bone china.
To put it in a word, zirconia, is “Purity.”
ZIKICO shall contribute to the society by producing products based on“pure” zirconia.



ZIKICO stands for Japanese word “ZIKI (Bone China)”, “Z” of Zirconia and “CO (Corporation)”.

The symbol mark is an image of a zirconia crystal with two overlapping diamonds.

The cross section is ZIKICO's “Z”.


Won A 'Design Awards2019 Gold Award.

ZIKICO “SUMU Cutlery Series” has won the Gold Award of the “A” Design Awards2019, the world's largest international design competition, held every year in Italy, following the iF design award2019.

Won iF Design Award 2019.

"SUMU Cutlery", which has been developed with handicraft designer Oji & Design Masanori Oji, has won iF design award. iF design award is one of the world's most prestigious design awards based in Hanover, Germany.