TEMO Honey Dipper


Pour much honey cleanly, quickly and doesn’t harm the quality. It's a honey dipper with the zirconia ceramic.


It’s said that beekeepers avoid contact between honey and metal, as the metal changes the nutritions of honey, so the honey dipper is usually made of woods.

We develop it with Zirconia ceramic, which is used as the medical implants. It’s durable and chemically stable. It’s not only highly affinitive for human body, but also doesn’t harm the quality of honey.

With the conventional honey dipper, you make surroundings dirty by spilling it. Also pouring takes time.

With the new dipper, you can bring the honey from the glass jar to the cup cleanly, because you can cut the dripping honey by rotating the dipper. Even though the dipper holds much honey, you can pour quickly by turning it to the vertical position. Actually you can pour 3 times faster than conventional one.

Honey dipper comparison.png


We have developed the honey dippier, with which you can scoop much honey cleanly and pour quickly.

People say that you should keep distance between honey and any metal products, as it might change the nutrition of the honey. But any woods or plastics are not durable enough to realize the aimed structure. There, the zirconia is the best choice. It’s so affinitive for human body, that it is used for the medical implants. With the zirconia honey dipper, you can have the full benefit of honey.


You can pour much honey quickly

This video is the comparison of the pouring speed between our developing honey dipper and the conventional one.

It took only 10.4 seconds to pour 8 g (0.29 oz) with our dipper but it took 36.6 seconds to pour 7 g (0.25 oz) with the conventional one.



Our goal is to realize the aimed function together with enough durability for daily use.

The function of scooping much honey and the quick pouring function cause easy to spill it. And we have noticed during making Mockups, that the quick pouring function is contradiction to durability.



I have got an idea of a honey spoon, when I heard from a beekeeper that they refrain the contact of metal to the honey for the quality. So, I asked the design for a designer Mr. Masanori Oji. Then the initial concept of “Pour much honey cleanly and quicky” came from him.



The amount held in the dipper is decided by the length and width of slits, number of blades to cut the dripping honey and the surface texture. We researched the best balance of them.


About Us

The soup stock was more flavorful from the plate directly than using any spoons. So I noticed, the metallic odor of the spoon covers the flavor. The metallic odor is the decomposed lipids by oxidizing reaction of metal. However any wooden or ceramic spoons are not for eating and too brittle. Then we decided to produce it with the zirconia ceramic, which is more durable than the metals.

The zirconia processing technology was a combination of the technology of plastics, which was a mass production technology and the ceramic art. But there was an issue, that the plastic processing technology built wrinkles on the surface of products. Therefore we challenged this issue by treating everything as the industrial art. We solved it by taking only one part from one mold, instead of taking multiple parts and by investing longer time for each process to control the material flow in the mold. The ejection of the part is done by hand one by one unlike an usual process to eliminate scratches. We also developed special setters for sintering process after trials to improve the bigger deformation than traditional ceramic art.

Our goal is people to enjoy the real taste of cuisine by zirconia cutleries.