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TEMO Honey Dipper


Pour much honey cleanly, quickly and doesn’t harm the quality. It's a honey dipper with the zirconia ceramic.


It’s said that beekeepers avoid contact between honey and metal, as the metal changes the nutritions of honey, so the honey dipper is usually made of woods.

We develop it with Zirconia ceramic, which is used as the medical implants. It’s durable and chemically stable. It’s not only highly affinitive for human body, but also doesn’t harm the quality of honey.

TEMO honey dipper intro

TEMO honey dipper intro

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With the conventional honey dipper, you make surroundings dirty by spilling it. Also pouring takes time.

With the new dipper, you can bring the honey from the glass jar to the cup cleanly, because you can cut the dripping honey by rotating the dipper. Even though the dipper holds much honey, you can pour quickly by turning it to the vertical position. Actually you can pour 3 times faster than conventional one.

Honey dipper comparison.png
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