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Japanese Crowed Funding "Makuake"
TEMO Eggshell Cutter Funded !

Egg Stand, that works as Eggshell Cracker too !Combination with Small Spoon (SUMU series)is strongly recommended !!

An Egg Stand, that cut Eggshell. You don't need extra Shell Cutter any more. Decorate your table top simple and elegant !

It’s an egg stand which can make a hole for a small spoon on a shell of the boiled egg. Usually egg stands and eggshell crackers are separate tools, but leaving a cracker on the table during dinning spoils the view. So, it’s made as a 2 in 1 tool, which has an elegant form.

By turning this tool, it can make scratches on the eggshell and cracks along the scratches, since this tool is entirely made of the zirconia ceramic and the blade is so hard like glass cutter. The zirconia is usually used as the medical implants, since it’s so durable and human body friendly. It’s really hard like a jewel.

This eggshell cutter and an egg on it will be a part of your standard edible decoration of the dining table. Eggs have much protein and vitamins. It might make a healthy habit.

Create your boiled egg with various seasonings!

You don't need to hurry to cool the boiled egg to peel it off easily, so you can use it as a warmer or you can eat it warm.

How about a healthy midnight snack between studies?

  • Usage


  1. The 6 semicircles of upper side that support the egg are blades that cut the shell.

  2. Put the egg on these 6 blades and rub it by turning it several times to make scratches.

  3. After making some scratches, you can crack the shell along the scratches by rubbing little bit more strongly.

  4. You can peel off the top of the shell, if the crack is made all around.

Shell gif anime.gif

Project Introduction

It's an egg shell cutter by using the advantage of zirconia, that is as hard as jewels.

Zirconia is a ceramic used as medical implants, since it’s highly human body affinitive and so durable that it last for whole life.



Number of Blades : More the blades are smaller the angle of turning and the hole becomes more smooth. On the other hand, it increases the cutting force required in proportion to the number of blades.

Cutting diameter (d) : Larger the diameter is deeper the egg sinks in Z direction. You can use bigger spoon, but the part you spoil the egg white becomes bigger and it requires bigger force for X direction. It makes difficult to make a straight scratch.

Angle of the blades (θ) : The angle depends on the egg size. It cuts most, if the blades stands in right angle on the eggshell. Smaller the egg is more difficult to cut the shell. So we designed the angle suitable for the small eggs.

shell cutter section.png
Egg Research

​Egg Research

There were standards for eggs. We designed product according to the Japanese standard, since it was the middle sized in 3 countries we researched.


The Japanese standard has 6 sizes, such as SS (>40g), S, MS, M, L, LL(>70g). Lighter than 40g are not for sale.


The German standard has 4 sizes, such as S(<53g), M, L, XL(>75g). The smallest is almost same size as Japanese Middle size but there is no smallest standards. All the eggs can be sold.


The American standard has 6 sizes like Japanese one but they are little bit smaller than Japanese sizes contrary to expectations. They are Peeweee (approximately 35g), Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Jumbo (approximately 71g). They are standardized as “approximately”, not “more than” or “less than”, so the judgement is left to the individual.


​Top and bottom of eggs.

There are top and bottom. The pointed side is the bottom due to the transportation issue of breaking. The top has the void in it. So, we recommend to cut the top. It’s easy to cut and the spoiled egg white is less. Also it’s easier to peel off the top side because of the air.

Company Story

About Us

The soup stock was more flavorful from the plate directly than using any spoons. So I noticed, the metallic odor of the spoon covers the flavor. The metallic odor is the decomposed lipids by oxidizing reaction of metal. However any wooden or ceramic spoons are not for eating and too brittle. Then we decided to produce it with the zirconia ceramic, which is more durable than the metals.

The zirconia processing technology was a combination of the technology of plastics, which was a mass production technology and the ceramic art. But there was an issue, that the plastic processing technology built wrinkles on the surface of products. Therefore we challenged this issue by treating everything as the industrial art. We solved it by taking only one part from one mold, instead of taking multiple parts and by investing longer time for each process to control the material flow in the mold. The ejection of the part is done by hand one by one unlike an usual process to eliminate scratches. We also developed special setters for sintering process after trials to improve the bigger deformation than traditional ceramic art.

Our goal is people to enjoy the real taste of cuisine by zirconia cutleries.

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