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◆ Material: Zirconia

◆Size: L188mm x W37mm, 26g

※The actual color of the product may differ slightly from the photo.

※Sales tax is excluded.

Dinner Fork (KIYO)

  • A model of zirconia dinner cutlery enables the savoring of true flavors, released in 2022. We designed them in the Japanese tradition of KIYO dessert cutlery. KIYO is inspired by the word Kiyorakasa in Japanese which means “Purity”. The KIYO model is solely produced from zirconia ceramic.

    The SUMU series, presented in 2019, had stems made of PPS resin, which has a high thermal resistance of up to 260 degree Celsius (500 degree Fahrenheit). In 2020, we improved our technology step by step to produce larger products. Firstly, we developed the TEMO Measuring Spoon, then the KIYO Dessert Cutlery. Finally we realized the dinner cutlery.

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