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● Material: Zirconia

● Color: White

● Size & Wight: W50mm x D57mm x H23mm, 15g


※The actual color of the product may differ slightly from the photo.

※Sales tax is excluded.

Eggshell Cutter (TEMO)

SKU: T-EsC1-We
  • It’s an egg stand which works as an eggshell cutter. Conventional eggshell cutters and crackers could make a hole on the shell of a boiled egg, yet the tool was crude on the table. The ZIKICO Eggshell Cutter is refined as it can be used as a stand too. It’s also stackable and does not take much space on a shelf.

    The six semi-circle shaped holder for the eggshell doubles as the blade. The blade cuts the shell by scratching the surface and turning it, similar to how a ceramic glass-cutter works.

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