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Thies is the set of a spoon, a fork and a knife.

◆mateiria l: Pure zirconia


KIYO is a collection of dessert utensils made entirely of zirconia. This series was designed to enhance enjoyment of delicate dishes such as traditional Japanese sweets.

Thick wooden spoons or cocktail forks are not ideal for full appreciation of the delicate presentation of these exquisite treats.

Conversely, KIYO is made to be precisely 0.8 mm at its thinnest, preserving the presentation of any elegant dish.

Additionally, zirconia provides a pleasant texture in the mouth without imparting a metallic taste.

The matte texture of the zirconia is evocative of stone, bringing elegance and richness to the dining table. It also fits a traditional Japanese setting perfectly.

Dessert Cutlery Set (KIYO)

SKU: K-DeSet3-We
  • This is a two-pronged fork made of pure zirconia that also suits a traditional Japanese setting.

    Its unique shape allows the enjoyment of any treat in its entirety, as it can act as a regular fork while simultaneously scooping up toppings such as the kinako and anko that often accompany traditional Japanese sweets.

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