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◆ Material: Zirconia / Resin (PPS heat resistance temperature 240℃)

◆ Approximate dimensions: 207 x 37mm

※The actual color of the product may differ slightly from the photo.

※Sales tax is excluded.


Dinner Spoon (SUMU)

  • SUMU is a cutlery series utilizing zirconia.

    The cutlery is about 50% lighter than general metal cutlery.

    In addition, since zirconia does not release metal ions at all, it can be tasted without impairing the taste of the dish and does not cause metal allergies.

    The smooth finish and thin shape of zirconia at the tip make it easy to catch a dish, and the smooth texture and smoothness of the mouth make it easy to focus on the taste of the dish.

    Zirconia cutlery, which is matte and soft and reflective, will add calm to the dining scene.

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